The Francesco Veniero Choir

The “Francesco Veniero” Choir was founded on 4th october 1982
It comprises 40 elements and is located in the Madonna del Pilone Sanctuary in Turin.
The choir Director is Gabriele Turicchi ,who is the main founder and director since thirty years ago, with the precious collaboration of
Flavio Guglielmi, organist.
The Choir performed in various venues and, of course, during celebrations in the main churches in Turin; acclaimed performance have
been held also in many other cities and abroad, thanks to their holy music repertoire .

The Francesco Veniero choir in the Church of S.Lorenzo Turin

The Choir collaborates also in polyphonic and lyrical musical events.
The repertoire includes Vivaldi's Gloria, Liszt's “Via Crucis”, Charpentier's Te Deum”, Gounod's
Messe Solennelle à Sainte Cécile”, Perosi's “Missa Prima Pontificalis” and Gounod's “Messe brève”.
Among their most acclaimed performances, a special mention goes to their RAI Auditorium show in Turin, their collaborations in celebrations
held in the Padua's Sant' Antonio, Rome's Santi Apostoli and Assisi's San Francesco inferiore Basilica and also in Florence's Santa Croce Church ;
another special mentions goes to the concert held in 1997 in Assisi's San Francesco Superiore Basilica, with a repertoire that was based on
Franciscan musician's compositions.

            The Francesco Veniero choir in the Basilica Superiore (Assisi)

On 1998, during the Holy Shroud exposition the Choir performed the Liszt's “Via Crucis” in Turin's
San Lorenzo church .
On the same year , and in subsequent years also, the Choir had the pleasure been invited to perform to sing in front of the Savoia Royal
Family in Saint Maurice d’Agaune abbey in Switzerland, on behalf of Savoia's St Maurice and Lazzaro Royal Chapter.
On March, 2002, and in other subsequent anniversaries, the Choir sung in a celebration held at the Hautecombe Abbey in
Savoia, in memory of King Umberto II and Queen Maria José.
The Francesco Veniero Choir collaborated with the Piedmont Symphonic Orchestra, Mozart’s Requiem in many cities and
at the Turin G.Verdi Conservatory. The Choir also enriched their repertoire with the magnificent Orff’s “Carmina Burana”,
performed at Turin’s “Lingotto” on May, 2005, with the same Direction and Orchestra.
On 2002, the Choir was invited to collaborate with the “Des Alpes de la Mer” orchestra,
under the direction of Giuseppe Dellavalle, to perform Gounod’s “Messe Solennelle à Sainte Cécile”, at Toulon’s Casino Auditorium,
in France, during the celebration of 200 years of the “Légion d’Honneur”.
On 2003, the Choir also performed Ramirez’s “Misa Criolla” and joined the 2005-2006 cultural season of “Chivasso in Musica”,
a series of cultural events in Chivasso, near Turin.

        The Francesco Veniero choir in the Duomo of Chivasso      

On Easter, 2006, the Choir performed Mercadante’s “Le sette Parole di Nostro Signore in Croce”, an absolute premiere show in Turin.
On Christmas, 2007, the Choir performed Vivaldi’s “Magnificat”.
On 24th and 25th november, 2008, the Choir performed Verdi’s “Missa da Requiem” at Novara’s Cocca Theater and in Beata Vergine
Assunta church in Trecate (NO), in collaboration with S.Gregorio Magno’s Choir; the Choir had been invited by Mauro Trombetta,
S.Gregorio Magno’s Choir Director, and Rome’s Opera Theater’s Art Director. The show was directed by Nello Santi, one of the
most internationally acclaimed orchestra director.
The Francesco Veniero Choir performed also Perosi’s “La Risurrezione di Cristo” in various venues, Rossini’s “Stabat Mater”
durin the Holy Shroud exposition in Turin’s Santo Sudario’s church, Vivaldi’s “Magnificat” and Pergolesi’s “Stabat Mater”.
The Choir also sung Verdi’s “Messa da Requiem” on 2011, in Gavardo (BS) and Verolavecchia (BS), during the 33rd anniversary
of day on which Pope Paul VI died, and on that occasion the Choir collaborated with the S.Gregorio Magno choir under the direction
of Alfonso Scarano.
On Christmas, 2011, the Choir performed Pergolesi’s “Confitebor Tibi, Domine – Salmo 110” and, on June 2012, performed a lyrical
music concert in Turin’s Madonna del Pilone sanctuary.
On 10 December, 2012, for a Christmas music concert organized by UCID – Gruppo Giovani Imprenditori dell’Unione Industriale di Torino,
the Choir had been invited to sing the “Carmina Burana” at the Teatro Regio of Turin, with Piedmont’s “Orchestra Sinfonica Giovanile”
and their Choir, under the direction of Gianni Monte.
To celebrate their 30th anniversary, the Francesco Veniero Choir performed Vivaldi’s Gloria and many Christmas traditional songs on
21st December, 2012, at Turin’s Madonna del Pilone sanctuary.
On 16 December, 2013, the Choir performed a lyrical concert at the Teatro Regio of Turin, with Piedmont’s “Orchestra Sinfonica Giovanile”
and their Choir, under the direction of Gianni Monte, in an event held by UCID – Gruppo Giovani Imprenditori dell’Unione Industriale di Torino.
The event was intended as a project for the celebration of 200th anniversary of day on which the Italian musician Giuseppe Verdi died.
On 25 December 2015 in the Madonna del Pilone sanctuary in Turin, for the Christmas Concert she was performed by Franz Schubert the Mass n.2 in G major.
On 1 December 2019, the choir in collaboration with the "Amici del Piemonte" and "Francesco Tamagno" choirs he performed "Carmina Burana" by Carl Orff
at the Teatro San Giuseppe in Turin, conductor M° Marcello Rota